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Composers that have composed for EKO as first performer:


Luciano Berio - Ofanim, 1988


Andre Hajdu - "Raglaim Smechot", 1997; Yona (Opera), 1987


Netta Aloni - 4 songs, still untitled, 2014; "Et Kuli Safarti Ad Tom", 1996-7


Piris Eliyahu - Segments from the play The Birdstexts: Aliza Elion-Israeli, 2000; 2 pieces ecorded in the albom Spirits of the East, Magda 2000.


Mark Kopytman - There are 7 heavens, 2002


Fabio Vacchi - Il Viaggio (Opera), 1990


Oded Zehavi - "L.H.M. Israeli War Requiem", 1992


Armond Sabah' "Sevev H'oshek", 2004; "Ykod", 1999


Tsippi Fleischer - A-cappella version to Butterfly, Girl, Butterfly, 2002


Stephen Horenstein - The Blue Piano - Elza Lasker Schiller, Jerusalem Theater, 1989


Eitan Steinberg - Songs of Love and Place, 1985

Composers which have incorporated in their works existing a-cappella versions of EKO to traditional music:


Betty Olivero - Makamat, 1988; Juego de Siempre*(3) 1994;  Arrangements for Ladino songs - Juego de Siempre*(1), 1992


Oded Zehavi - Los Atados, 1985-6;  Arrangements for Ladino songs Juego de Siempre*(1), 1992


Noam Sheriff - Shephardic Passion, 1992


Yisrael Borochov - The Hidden Spirituals, Israel Festival 2004. Albom: The Hidden Spirituals, Magda 2006


Yuval avital - "Kolot", 2008

Collaboration in composition, arrangement or shared performances:


Slava Ganelin - Birds of Passage, Leo Records 2003; On the edge of a dream, Zuta Music 1999


Oren Fried - In the following workframes - "Kol Oud Tof" trio,"Kol Tof" duo, "Elul" trio, "Navadim" performance, Neighbor Tone Jazz and Fusion ensemble


Armond Sabah' "Kol Oud Tof" trio


Khaled Jubran - "Elul" trio, 1994-1996


Orchestra Arabo-Andalus di Tangeri - Joint concerts in Italy and France 1999-2006, recorded as an albom: Incontro a Tangeri, Sheherezade, 2003; Main collaboration with: Jamal Quassini, Younes Chadigan, Mohammed Berrak, Nour Eddine Acha - Mutual arrangement in dialog between Tangerine jewish women singing and the singing of muslim men of the same area.


Andre Hajdu, Yoni Rechter, Shem-Tov Levi, Eli Magen - A series of free improvisation performances, 1995-6


Giora Feidman - Hosted the "Kol Tof" Duo in the Giora Feidman & Friends Festival, Schloss Elmau, Germany 1998, and at the "Kol Hamusika" radio program - "Atnachta", 2004


Stephen Horenstein - Free improvisation night, "HaBama" Theater, Jerusalem


Jean Claude Jones - Playing and improvising in the recoding to "Estarech", music by EKO, Poem by Ozer Rabin; Collaborator in the arrangement and performance of Juego de Siempre*(2); Free improvisation night, "HaBama" Theater, Jerusalem


Yuval Mesner - Collaborator in the arrangements for Juego de Siempre*(2)


Jerry Garval - Collaborator in the arrangements for Juego de Siempre*(2)


Michael Melzer - Collaborator in the arrangements for Juego de Siempre*(2); Perfromance - Around Ladino Traditions, Beit Avi Hai, 2010-2011


Members of the Neighbor Tone ensemble - Adam Morison, Aharoni Ben-Ari, Oren Fried, Victor Azus, Shmuel Kovalski, Itay Rosenbaum, 1982-1986


Oded Zehavi - An arrangement for orchestra to EKO music to Ladino songs by Margalit Matityahu, Ramat-Gan Orchestra 2007 





Juego de Siempre*(1) - The title to a collaboration of arrangements between: Betty Olivero, Oded Zehavi & EKO, released as an albom by Beit Hathfusot, 1992         


Juego de Siempre*(2) - Became a performance with identical repertoire arranged by EKO, Michael Meltzer, Yuval Mesner, Jerry Garval, Jean Claude Jones, performed at Beit Hatfusot, and a tour in Spain 1992; Recorded for radio "Kol Hamusika" 1993


Juego de Siempre*(3) - The title was also given to a composition by Betty Olivero, published by the Israeli Music Institute, both as a piece for 7 players and a singer, and for an orchestra, including but not exclusive to, segments by her from the Beit Hathfusot albom (see above)


Juego de Siempre*(4) - The title was also given to a single performer show by EKO, stage and custom design by Frieda Kalpholtz, "HaBama" Theater, Jerusalem, sponsored by Beit Hathfusot and the Jerusalem Fund, 1992.

Collaboration as a dancer/choreographer:


Andrew Cyrill - A duet for a dancer and a drummer, Israel Festival 1987; Collaborator in composing the music for the choreography Voices - New york, 1980


Stephen Horenstein - "Yoman Yerushalaim", 1981; Collages, Jerusalem Theater, 1989


Lea Avraham - Collaborator in a joint composition around a text by Yehuda Amichai "Ro'e Arvi Ve'Av Yehudi", performance at the Bell Garden, Jerusalem 1988, and presently in the performance "Me'Halonech El Haloni"


Tal Haran - Performance - Nomads


Arie Burstein - Performance - Nomads


Sigala Brycher - Performance - Nomads, Guitar player; Vocals and composition to the choreography Desert Sketches


Abate Berimun - Collaborator in the performance of first versions from "Misafdi Le'Mahol", in the performance "Tehilim", with the Ras Dashan Ensamble, 2006; Collaborator in The Hidden Spirituals, 2004

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