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The Music of Piris Eliyahu

Born in Derbent, Dagestan, Piris Eliyahu is a composer, a researcher and a performer of classical music of the east, in particular classical Persian music, Azeri and Turkish music. His compositions combine elements from these traditions, especially the use of the modal system (makam) and rhythmic cycles (usul), metered compositions in fixed forms. a preference for unison textures, mixture of eastern and western instruments and spaces for improvisation by the performers.

EKO Performing with Piris Eliyahu, Mark Eliyahu, Gil Hameiri and Nissim Lugassi,

 at the Jewish music Festival, Krakow, Poland 2010


Esti Kenan Ofri

Spirit of the East, Magda 2000

Esti Kenan Ofri
esti kenan ofri

Piris Eliyahu - Hemlich, Krakow, Poland 2010

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