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From the Performance: Al Ikvotav BaRu'aḣ

Filmed and recorded at Beit Mizrah Maarav, Jaffa, 2016

By Pazit Dunk

"Kol Od Bo Ru'aḣ" From the Performance: Al Ikvotav BaRu'aḣ

Al Ikvotav BaRu'aḣ

A personal and unique performance of works composed by Esti Kenan Ofri, inspired by folklore and classical Arabic music. It is a collaboration of E.K.O. with performers/artists who, like her, are true to the traditions of music that surrounds us, while expressing their personal voice. Yordan Erez Yaniv Masel and Zeev Yaniv.


This perfarmance is available for booking (

Al Ikvotav BaRu'aḣ performed as Beit Mazrah Maarav, Jaffa, Israel 2016

Photograph by Mayan Simon

esti kenan ofri
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